Location Hiding Properties


Supervision: Katharina Kohls

Start date: as soon as possible

Duration: 6 months

More details:


Anonymity systems are designed to separate the endpoints of a connection, e.g., the user on one side of the network and the accessed server on the other side of the network. In this context, it can be challenging to successfully deliver messages to the correct recipient, as the direct addressing of a communication partner might reveal their whereabouts. While this might be acceptable for less sensitive use cases, it can lead to severe security issues for, e.g., censorship circumvention or whistle blowing. However, existing work in the context of anonymity system often targets traffic analysis or routing attacks that make use of transmission characteristics, but only limited work was proposed on characteristics that conceal or protect the location properties of a network.

The student's task is to first define the characteristics of a location hiding property and then to apply this to existing concepts of anonymity systems. The goal of this work is to get a better understanding of the technical characteristics of deployed and theoretical system concepts with a focus on their addressing concept.


  • Programming skills
  • Interest in Anonymity Systems