Abgeschlossene Abschlussarbeiten

Philipp Morgner

Analyzing Location Privacy in GSM Mobile Telephony using Software Radios

Christina Pöpper - 11.2014

Mohamad Nehme

Timed Revocation of User Data

Christina Pöpper - 08.2014

Katharina Kohls

Trustworthy and Acknowledged Hidden Data Transmission for Voice-over-IP Covert Channels

Christina Pöpper - 06.2014

Christine Zahn

Construction of a Demonstrator for Man-in-the-Middle Attacks on GSM

Christina Pöpper - 12.2014

Benedikt Echelmeyer

Implementierung eines Steganographie-Verfahrens für den VoIP-Client Skype

Katharina Kohls - 08.2015

Florian Rüchel

Enabling High-Latency Privacy for the Tor Network

Kai Jansen - 08.2015

David Rupprecht

Development of a Framework for Applied LTE Security Analysis

Kai Jansen - 11.2015

Sebastian Brenza

Infrastructure- and Client-side Authentication in Eduroam

Christina Pöpper - 03.2015

Thomas Welskopf

Implementation of a Real-Time GPS Spoofing Detection System

Kai Jansen -

Phil Knüfer

Experimental Analysis of an Automotive GPS Tracker (Telematics)

Kai Jansen -