Abgeschlossene Abschlussarbeiten

Sebastian Brenza

Infrastructure- and Client-side Authentication in Eduroam

Christina Pöpper - 03.2015

Fabian Lincke

Eduroam Validation on Raspberry Pi

Christina Pöpper - 11.2015

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Thomas Welskopf

Implementation of a Real-Time GPS Spoofing Detection System

Kai Jansen -

Phil Knüfer

Experimental Analysis of an Automotive GPS Tracker (Telematics)

Kai Jansen -

Alexandros Zinelis

Attack and Defense Analysis Framework for Tor

Katharina Kohls -

[Shadow Simulator] [Tor Project]

Sebastian Brendgen

Analysis of Pluggable Transports for Tor

Katharina Kohls -

[Shadow Simulator] [Tor Project] [Pluggable Transports]

Tedongmo Djou Brice Ulrich

Mixing Against Confirmation Attacks in Tor

Katharina Kohls -

[Shadow] [Tor]

Mehdi Dhib

Attacks on Satellite-based Localization Systems Using a Multi-Antenna Setup

Kai Jansen -

Sebastian Rosin

On the Feasibility of Software Side-Channel Attacks Against Fingerprint Matching Algorithms

Markus Dürmuth, Theodor Schnitzler - 01.2018

Johanna Jupke

Concepts of Qualified Electronic Signatures as Remote Electronic Signatures - Usability of a Prototype Implementation

Markus Dürmuth, Theodor Schnitzler - 12.2016