Opinion: Advancing Attacker Models of Satellite-based Localization Systems—The Case of Multi-device Attackers

Kai Jansen, Christina Pöpper

10th ACM Conference on Security and Privacy in Wireless and Mobile Networks (WISEC) 2017


In this paper, we report on recent advancements in attacking satellite-based positioning systems and on shortcomings of proposed countermeasures. Applications based on satellite positioning and navigation systems make use of a deployed infrastructure that is challenging to protect and secure against attacks. Many of the proposed protection mechanisms and solutions in the wild are based on and analyzed with respect to single-antenna attacker models that should in the meantime be considered outdated as they are no longer appropriate. Due to a significant drop in complexity and cost to perform multi-device attacks on these systems, the attacker models need to be adjusted to comprise more powerful adversaries that have recently become a reality. By demonstrating the implementation of a simple yet effective multi-antenna setup, we outline possible attacks against systems that are otherwise considered secure.


tags: attacker model, localization security, multi-device attack