Multi-Receiver GPS Spoofing Detection: Error Models and Realization

2016 - Kai Jansen, Nils Ole Tippenhauer, Christina Pöpper

In Proceedings of the Annual Computer Security Applications Conference (ACSAC), 2016 [PDF]

Putting LTE Security Functions to the Test: A Framework to Evaluate Implementation Correctness

2016 - David Rupprecht, Kai Jansen, Christina Pöpper

USENIX Workshop on Offensive Technologies (WOOT), 2016 [PDF]

SkypeLine: Robust Hidden Data Transmission for VoIP

2016 - Katharina Kohls, Thorsten Holz, Do­ro­thea Kolossa, Christina Pöpper

ACM Symposium on InformAtion, Computer and Communications Security (ASIACCS), Xi'an, May 2016 [PDF]

Neuralyzer: Flexible Expiration Times for the Revocation of Online Data

2016 - Apostolis Zarras, Katharina Kohls, Markus Dürmuth, Christina Pöpper

In Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Data and Application Security and Privacy (ACM CODASPY) 2016 *** OUTSTANDING PAPER AWARD *** [PDF]